FALL 2019

(* indicates new class  –  B indicates basement)

8:30 – 11:00 Dining Room
Coffee and Conversation   
Come have a cup of coffee or tea and visit with other members. It’s a great way to relax before your next class.     

Writing Life Stories
Mary Garrison & Carol Alpin, 9:00-10:50, Room B-109
Everyone has a story or knows great stories about friends or relatives.  Want to tell your stories in prose?  Great!  If telling stories in poetry is your strong suit, go for it.  Think you aren’t a writer?  Our past classes have shown how non-writers can develop skills they never suspected they have.  Please join us!

Yoga for Older Adults
Debbie Cooper, 9:00-9:50, Basement Meeting Area
Our senior adult yoga is designed for students who cannot or prefer not to lie on the floor. After warm-up activities, we will slowly move from one pose to another, paying particular attention not to overstretch our bodies or make ourselves uncomfortable.

*Zumba Gold
Suzanne Hyman, Gym, 9:00-9:50

Zumba Gold introduces easy-to-follow choreography featuring Latin and international music and dance movements.  This fun class focuses on balance, range of motion, and coordination.  Come ready to sweat a little and prepare to leave feeling strong!  Please wear comfortable clothes and supportive/exercise shoes.  This class will not begin until September 18th.   

The Art Studio
Self-directed, Room B-117, 9:00-11:50

We will provide the room; you provide the talent!  If you are looking for somewhere to paint/draw, share ideas and techniques with fellow artists, then this is the place for you!  It is a great way to practice your skills and enjoy the fellowship of other artists.  Please bring your own  supplies – no oils – acrylics and watercolors, only.

Ukulele 1 : Strict Newbies
Deb Murphy, Room B-119, 11:00-11:50
For brand new ukulele players only. You don’t need a ukulele the first day.

Ukulele 2 : Good Foundations
Deb Murphy, Room B-119, 9:00-10:00
This class is for those who need to build basic skills and feel they need more practice with chords.

Ukulele 3:  Good Vibrations
Deb Murphy, Room B-119, 10:00-10:50
This class is for “advanced beginners” and “early intermediates” who already know the 3 basic chords for keys C, D, G, and F. The participants in this extended class will have additional time to learn and practice more advanced techniques.

Tai Chi
Robin Anderson, Gym, 10:00-10:50
Learn about and experience Tai Chi for relaxation and enhanced health.  Tai Chi consists of slow, gentle, turning and stretching movements designed to improve and maintain good balance and circulation.  You will learn a short set of Tai Chi movements, along with exercises that improve mobility, flexibility, and balance.  Wear flat shoes and comfortable clothing that allows movement. This class is for both beginning and continuing participants.

*World War II in Europe
Dr. Jack Meyer, Room B-108, 10:00-10:50

Dr. Meyer, former professor of  military history, will discuss the political events leading up to the beginning of the war, including the political blunders on all sides and the culpability of the United States.  We will then examine the battles, strategies, propaganda and technological developments during the war.  We will conclude with the peace treaties and their consequences, including the almost inevitable result of WWII and the current problems in the Middle East.

*Identifying Your Backyard Birds
Jim Kelly, Room B-114, 10:00-10:50

Jim Kelly of Wildbirds Unlimited will help you identify the birds in your back yard – including the migrating birds of fall and spring.  You’ll also learn the eating and nesting behaviors of our local birds.  With Jim’s help, you will become a knowledgeable and life-long birdwatcher. 

*Marvels of Nature
Anne Cox, Room B-120, 10:00-10:50

A variety of nature revelations will leave you in awe and pondering your own life, as well.  Take a fresh look at the slowest animal on earth.  Awaken to the repeating patterns on this planet and beyond.  Learn how the Japanese Haiku stirs memory with a burst of beautiful imagery, and revisit nature descriptions in famous books.  Videos and guest pros (Dr. Rick Bell on “The Amazing Polar Bear”; Dr. Ron Prier, specialist in preventive medicine; and former park ranger Fran Rametta)  will add to this super natural experience.     

Mother Nature’s Amazing Footprints: Silk Scarves Revisited
Edith Hines, Room B-123, 10:00-10:50
Explore amazing, natural printing techniques using local garden plants and leaves. Heat and steam make the magic happen!  We will apply techniques from the first class  (Fall, 2018) as well as experiment with new methods. We will print on watercolor paper and on silk scarves.  Join us as we enjoy the process and appreciate whatever comes from nature.  A short list of supplies will be provided at the first class.  Scarves will be available for less than $5.00.  Class is open to both new and repeat participants; however, CLASS SIZE IS LIMITED TO 12!

Randy Rowe, Room B-116, 10:00-10:50

Randy, a retired educator and counselor, will lead a discussion of classical, Native American, Southern, and other forms of wisdom.  Warning:  There will be homework and class participation is required. Be brave!

America: 1800-1860 (Continued)    
Dr. Jessica Kross, B-114, 11:00-11:50

An exploration of how we went from the “Second American Revolution” of  Jefferson’s peaceful transition to the Presidency to Civil War.

*Scream Along with Me: Old-time Horror Movies
Carolee Brandt, Room B-116, 11:00-11:50

Carolee will take us back to our childhood or young adult years when we watched old-time horror classics.  Come relive the memories of watching those movies that scared us yet made us laugh.  Carolee will show scenes and discuss what made these movies great and memorable.      

*Mr. Sullivan’s Really Big Show
Arnold Breman, Room B-108, 11:00-11:50

People said the Golden Age of television would kill vaudeville, but it wasn’t a fast kill.  From 1948-1971 vaudeville lived on – cleverly disguised as a TV show, “The Ed Sullivan Show.”  Ed Sullivan was a man who couldn’t sing, dance, or spin a plate, yet he entertained 50 million viewers each week.  The most popular variety show of all time reflected Ed Sullivan’s eclectic tastes and enthusiasm for all things entertaining.  Arnold Breman will present a fascinating and engaging history of this “really big show” including stories, photos and videos of some of the more than 10,000 performers showcased every Sunday night.

*Who Done It?
Debbie Whittemore, Room B-109, 11:00-11:50

This class is an overview of the mystery novel.  We will discuss all types of mysteries, from Agatha Christie to contemporary authors, from detective series to cozies, amateur sleuths to historical crime fiction.  Participants will be asked to tell us about their favorite mystery authors.                                                           

Let’s Speak Spanish
Carol McAlpin, Room B-109, 1:15-2:15

For those who have already completed several chapters of our workbook, this class will continue from where we left off, with an emphasis on Spanish conversation.  We welcome anyone else who has some knowledge of Spanish and who is willing to review what we have already covered.  The purchase of a workbook Basic Spanish (premium second edition) is required.

Adventure Travel
Dr. Warner Montgomery, Room B-118, 1:15-2:15

Join Warner as he shares stories, anecdotes, and audiovisuals of some of his many travels.

Let’s Play Mah-Jongg
Pam Morris, B-121, 1:15-3:15

Enjoy playing mah-jongg?  Come sharpen your skills, maybe meet some new friends, and laugh a little.  Players at all levels are encouraged to join in.                     

Thursday Art Studio
Self-directed, Room B-117, 9:00 – Noon
You will work on your own, sharing tips, tricks, and techniques to improve your painting skills.  There’s plenty of time to paint, get critiques, and have fun.  Please bring your own painting supplies.

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