Spring 2023 Classes

(* indicates new class  –  B indicates basement)

9:00 – 11:00,
Coffee and Conversation  Dining Room
Come have a cup of coffee or tea and visit with other members. It’s a great way to relax before your next class.     

Zumba Gold
Suzanne Hyman, Room B-108, 9:00-9:50

Zumba Gold introduces easy-to-follow choreography featuring Latin and
international music and dance movements. This very fun class focuses on
balance, range of motion, and coordination. Come ready to sweat a little and
prepare to leave feeling strong! Please wear comfortable clothes and
supportive/exercise shoes.

The Art Studio
Self-directed, Room B-117, 9:00-11:50

We will provide the room; you provide the talent! If you are looking for
somewhere to paint/draw, share ideas and techniques with fellow artists, then
this is the place for you! It is a great way to practice your skills and enjoy the
fellowship of other artists. Please bring your own supplies – no oils – acrylics and
watercolors, only.

*Ukulele/Guitar Jam
Everett Spell, Room B-119, 9:00-9:50

Strum along and sing along to your favorite songs. Bring either a ukulele or a guitar and join the fun!

You Did WHAT?
Beverly Riley, Coordinator, Room B-109, 9:00-9:50 (changed from 10:00)
We have some very interesting folks who are part of Shepherd’s Center! Come hear stories about their hometowns, youthful antics, fascinating lives, former professions, and current activities and interests. There will be a different speaker each week. It’s a great opportunity to get to know some folks you don’t know well.

Tai Chi
Robin Anderson, B-108, 10:00-10:50
Learn about and experience Tai Chi for relaxation and enhanced health.  Tai  Chi consists of slow, gentle, turning and stretching movements designed to improve and maintain good balance and circulation. You will learn a short set of Tai Chi movements, along with exercises that improve mobility, flexibility, and balance. Wear flat shoes and comfortable clothing that allows movement. This class is for both beginning and continuing participants.

*Wales: Untamed Land of Mystery and Song
Edwina Winter, Room B-114, 10:00-10:50
Wales is the least known well-known country that was part of the cradle of Celtic Christianity and resistance to the Roman Empire. It is a country of fascinating history and culture, breathtaking landscapes, stunning musical tradition, and unique language. Join Edwina, a Welsh transplant, as she shares the contributions the Welsh people have made to the world.

The Art of Memoir
Carol McAlpin, Room B-116, 10:00-10:50

We all have our own stories to tell, the memories that we tuck away just waiting to be told and written. In this class, we will focus on the genre of memoir and explore several devices and techniques that can make your written recollections more memorable. We welcome everyone, regardless of previous writing experience, to join our class to write about those life events—both large and small—that you wish to memorialize.

Ruth Marcus, Room B-121, 10:00-11:50

This game is played with tiles of Chinese characters and symbols. It is easy to learn and fun to play, involving some skill and strategy, plus a lot of luck and chance. By the end of the class you will be “hooked” on mah-jongg.

*Security Awareness for Seniors
Jerry Allen, Room B-120, 10:00-10:50

Inspired by the Shepherd Center of Columbia’s lunch presentation by the FBI on Elder Fraud, this course will cover ways we can keep ourselves safer from scam artists both inside and outside technology. Topics will include security in web browsing and email, how to create and keep up with passwords, how to recognize scams that often make use of technology for criminal purposes, and what we can do to protect ourselves.

*The History of Swing and Jazz
Bob Knoxm, Room B-120, 10:00-10:50

Learn the history of swing through an exciting series of classes beginning with the early movements of the genera right up to the latest develop- ments of jazz. Discussions and recorded examples will be presented along with the music from some of the famous jazz bands of the Dance Band Era.

*Murder Most Senior
Debbie Whittemore, Room B-116, 11:00-11:50

Gray-haired sleuths are solving crimes everywhere you look! As criminals have aged so have the fictional detectives. Put on your gumshoes and let us deep-dive into finding out who these investigators are and how they are not letting age stop them from detecting.

*Pushing the Limits of the Bill of Rights: A Discussion
Dr. Jessica Kross, Room B-109, 11:00-11:50

Constitutions are usually reactive documents. We will explore what is- sues led to the formation of the Constitution, the Constitutional Conven- tion, what the document actually says, and the battle over ratification.

*Good Gardening
Jeanette Smith, Coordinator, Room B-120, 11:00-11:50

Experts will present a series of programs on various garden topics that include container gardening, herbs, growing easier roses, daylilies and bulbs, and house plants. We will discuss how the environment affects gardening and how what we grow affects the environment. There will be a special program about several gardens and interesting nature spots that make good day trips.

*Let’s Go to the Movies
Allison McNeely Room B-114, 11:00-11:50

Allison, talented Town Theatre director, has compiled various movie clips spanning decades of cinema history. The journey begins with films from the 1920’s and leads to the present. Each week the films selected will fall under familiar genres such as musicals, westerns, romantic comedies, and much more.

Let’s Play Mah-Jongg
No Instructor, Room B-121, 1:15-3:
Enjoy playing mah-jongg? Come sharpen your skills, maybe meet some new friends, and laugh a little. Players at all levels are encouraged to join in.

Games, Games, Games
No Instructor, Room B-123, 1:15-3:
Gather after lunch for fun and fellowship. You can play a board game, card game, dominos, etc., whatever the group would like. Remember to bring your game!


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