Luncheon Speakers and Menus for Fall 2019 Session

Richard McLeod playing piano during lunch

Call the office @ 779-4449 by Monday (10:00 am) to sign up for or cancel your lunch reservation.As you enter the Leisure Ministries Building, there is a table with a place to pay  for  your lunch which is served every Wednesday in the dining room of the church. A  3-course hot lunch is available for $9.00, but reservations must be made no later than the Monday before Wednesday’s lunch.  If you do not cancel the reservation by that same Monday, you will be expected to pay for the lunch.  You are welcome to bring your own lunch if you would like and sit where you see the BYOL sign.  Please help yourself to the tea or water on the sideboard.

September 11
A Big Welcome Back to and from our favorite storyteller from “south of Liverpool,” Shelagh Montes!
Baked Ziti, Green Beans, Garden Salad, Bread Sticks, Dessert

September 18
Longtime SC House and Senate lobbyist, founder of M.A.D.D., a good and beautiful woman, Laura Hudson.
Meatloaf, Au Gratin Potatoes, Mixed Vegetables, Biscuits, Garden Salad Chocolate Eclair cake

September 25
Good man, good grandfather, great at everything he does!  Everybody loves Joe Copeland!
Tomato Pie, Ham Slice, Slaw, Biscuit, Dessert

October 2
A Grand Music Show!  Starring Richard McLeod and all of us!
Swiss Cheese Chicken, Roasted Potatoes, Carrots, Yeast Roll, Salad, Dessert

October 9
Our own Dr. Susan Raybourne will introduce us to “Annabelle & the British Isles.”
Pork BBQ, Mac & Cheese, Mixed Vegetables, Texas Toast, Slaw, Dessert

October 16
Mr. Steve Dick will share his experience of going to the Bedford, VA celebration of D-Day on June 6 this year.
Spinach Alfredo Lasagna, Garden Salad, Broccoli, Garlic Bread, Dessert

October 23
The McLean Family – Mandy, John, and three little girls will entertain us so sweetly!
Ham and Bowtie Pasta, Peas, Biscuits, Salad, Dessert

October 30
Bill Lynch will inspire us with how some people salute our homeless veterans.
Citrus Chicken, Parmesan Potatoes, Peas & Carrots, Orange Fluff Salad, Yeast Rolls, Dessert

November 6
Our Richard and Linda McLeod will entertain us with some  “Travel Experiences.”
Roast Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Broccoli, Dressing, Salad, Biscuits, Dessert

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