Luncheon Speakers and Menus for Spring 2020 Session

Richard McLeod playing piano during lunch

Call the office @ 779-4449 by Monday (10:00 am) to sign up for or cancel your lunch reservation.As you enter the Leisure Ministries Building, there is a table with a place to pay  for  your lunch which is served every Wednesday in the dining room of the church. A  3-course hot lunch is available for $9.00, but reservations must be made no later than the Monday before Wednesday’s lunch.  If you do not cancel the reservation by that same Monday, you will be expected to pay for the lunch.  You are welcome to bring your own lunch if you would like and sit where you see the BYOL sign.  Please help yourself to the tea or water on the sideboard.

Lunch menus will be posted soon!

April 1
Carol McGinnis Kay will enlighten us on “What is Next for Notre Dame?”

April 8
Sarah Camerson, from Richland County Library, on “What’s Available to Us That We Don’t Even Know About.” (one of our winter class speakers)

April 15
Arnold Breman is unveiling another new book and to us first! We are special!

April 22
Deacon Charles Duvall will be doing a skit. Hilarious or what? Everyone is trying to get him but he is ours on April 29th.

April 29
Dennis Banks from Shandon Baptist Church. Everyone is trying to get him but he is ours on April 29th.

May 6
Bill and Trish Sargent will share their recent experience of being on the Mexican side of “The Wall.”

May 13
Rabbi Jonathan Case, our neighbor at Beth Shalom. You need to meet him if you haven’t.

May 20
Eleanor Stein, Director of the Friendship Organization, will explain how they help senior citizens, as well as our own Ann Humphries.

May 27
Our ukulele class will entertain us.

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