Luncheon Speakers for Winter 2023 Session

Richard McLeod playing piano during lunch

As you enter the Leisure Ministries Building, there is a table with a place to pay for your lunch which is served on Wednesdays in our dining room. A delicious hot lunch including dessert and iced tea will be available for $10.00, but you must pay for it the week prior since lunches are catered. The menu will be in the weekly Shep- herd’s Staff. Unfortunately, there will be no refunds since we must pay the caterer for all meals ordered, nor will the payment for an unclaimed meal roll over to a future one. You are welcome to bring your own lunch if you would like. Please help yourself to the tea or wa- ter on the front tables. It will be necessary for the first Wednesday, Jan. 11, to mail in or drop off your $10.00 ahead of time. We must receive it by Friday, Jan. 6. The menu for Jan. 11 is baked chicken, honey-roasted potatoes, squash casserole, and iced brownies. Of course, you may choose to bring your lunch that day.

Jan. 11
The new minister here at Trenholm Rd. United Methodist Church Rev. James McCoy-Bruce.

Jan. 18
Lynn Baker, City of Forest Acres, will tell us about the renovation of Richland Mall.

Jan. 25
Richland County Sheriff’s Dept. informs us about their K-9 Unit and Project Hope.

Feb. 1
Latimer Rogland presents his piano concert audition for USC Music School.

Feb. 8
Dr. Pat McNeely, retired U.S.C. professor and writer, presents Ghosts of Columbia..

Feb. 15
Dr. Mike Sullivan tells us about Meals on Wheels and the benefits of volunteering.

Feb. 22
Lara Peck of Prisma Health instructs us on preventing falls and at–home safety.

Mar. 1
Mayor Daniel Rickenmann shares new and upcoming projects in our city.

Mar. 8
Casey Cooper of Cooper’s Nursery gives us helpful info on spring planting.

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