Luncheon Speakers for Fall 2022 Session

Richard McLeod playing piano during lunch

As you enter the Leisure Ministries Building, there is a table with a place to pay for your lunch which is served on Wednesdays in the dining room of the church. For $10.00, a delicious hot lunch is offered, but you must pay for your lunch the previous week since the meals will now be catered. The menu will be in the Shepherd’s Staff each week. The first week it will be grilled chicken, rice pilaf, and squash casserole. Unfortunately, there will be no refunds since we must pay the caterer for all meals ordered, nor will the payment for an unclaimed meal roll over to a future one. For the first Wednesday of the session, it will be necessary to send us a check ahead of time. We must receive it by Friday, Sept. 9th. Of course, you may bring your lunch.

Sept. 14
Town Theatre performers present their opening season with musical entertainment.

Sept. 21
Phyliss Beasley will tell us about the World of Pet Therapy.

Oct. 5
Marti Colucci of Leeza’s Care Connection will enlighten us about caring for caregivers.

Oct. 12
The Columbia office of the FBI will caution us about senior fraud.

Oct 19
Trish Jerman of Gill’s Creek Watershed Assoc. informs us of its future.

Oct. 26
: Eunice Sabo and Richard and Linda McLeod will treat us with ghosts and goblins.

Nov 2
Pamela Greenlaw of the Sierra Club presents the problems with plastics.

Nov. 9
Bob Michalski, the Saxophone Man, shares his many talents with a Veterans’ Day salute!

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